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As it prepared to bring its flagship product – Walkasins® Lower Limb Sensory Neuroprosthesis – to market, RxFunction sought to update its look and define its key messaging. At the same time it was participating in clinical trials and going through the arduous approval process, the company needed to develop a comprehensive suite of materials to communicate with three distinct audiences: patients, clinicians, and investors. It sought Affina’s help in defining this go-to-market strategy and developing a wide range of materials.


To understand how the two brands – company and product – should be used and differentiated, we began by hosting a discovery session with key stakeholders. The session informed a new brand platform as well as new logos and identity systems for RxFunction and Walkasins. We then quickly moved into development of a website for Walkasins, creating a central place for key information during the pre-launch phase including key “how it works” illustrations.

With the look and feel set, we created a wide range of deliverables including clinician guides, instructions for use, and investor-focused sell sheets. We also traveled to direct photo and video shoots with a clinician and patients who had experienced Walkasins, which we then used to create testimonial quotes and videos.


As RxFunction approaches its full launch, Affina continues to be its marketing partner. The materials we created have been used to secure two rounds of significant investor funds, and RxFunction is prepared to expand beyond its current focus on VA clinics.


  • Company and product logos and identity systems
  • Brand platform and guidelines
  • Illustrations
  • Photography art direction
  • Printed pieces: brochures, sell sheets, clinician guides, instructions for use
  • Packaging and on-product branding
  • Templates
  • Stationery system
  • Tradeshow materials
  • Social media
  • Case studies
  • Website

Affina Design RxFunction
Affina Design RxFunction
Affina Design RxFunction
Affina Design RxFunction
Affina Design RxFunction