Our name Affina, from the latin affinitas, means “to create relationships.” We are driven to create relationships between your business and your customers through intelligent strategy and elegant design.

Our Founder Renita

Meet our founder.

Renita Faye (nee Breitenbucher) brings B2B and B2C experience to bear building strategy and identity systems for brands with purpose.

While Renita brings a portfolio of retail and education experience, her passion is healthcare, the industry she grew up in. With a grandfather and dad for doctors, by the age of five, Renita knew how to spell her 13-letter last name and recite the nearest level one trauma unit.

Making healthcare and humanity better served is a constant focus from her childhood and the path she pursues now.

Did you know? 90% of healthcare decisions are made by women. We have been designing brands with women top-of-mind for years.