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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Would you design … men’s deodorant?

by Renita Van Dusen

I was at lunch yesterday with a new business friend and we were discussing our respective companies. Knowing that I am considered an “expert” in marketing to women, he posed this question to me: “What would you do if a company asked you to design new packaging for something like … men’s deodorant, for example?” I paused. Laughed. And then replied, “Well, how many women do you think purchase deodorant for a man?” And he laughed. Touch√©.

You see, “marketing to women” isn’t about alienating or ignoring men. Unless you’re marketing lipstick or tampons, chances are your target audience is both men and women. We strategize and design knowing that most target audiences are men and women. We just happen to believe that by smart and strategic branding, we are able to market and design more effectively to women ¬†… As the saying goes, “Meet the expectations of women and you will often exceed the expectations of men.”