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What is it about Bacon?

by Jessica Zubrzycki

It seems that lately, the bacon trend has taken over our lives! People have turned this repulsive meat into a universal commodity. I know, this is only my opinion…but I cannot hold back any longer! What is it about this salty, fatty, greasy meat that is so fascinating? We’ve seen bacon as a comfort morning treat, but now we’ve all become overly obsessed. It seems that people are putting bacon where it has never been before and in my opinion, where it doesn’t belong. I’m sure we’ve all seen bacon flavored chocolate, or if you’ve been to the MN State Fair, chocolate covered bacon. I’m all for trying something new, but that can’t taste good. Bacon on a BLT, yes. Bacon in a chocolate truffle, no. What about bacon soap? Is that even sanitary? The craze has gone on long enough. Maybe there will be a new trend for 2010, what about chocolate covered tofu? Check out some interesting bacon trends here:

Bacon SoapBacon GumBaconnaise