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What does your desk say about you?

by Jessica Zubrzycki

Is your desk piled high with file folders, loose paper, multiple check-off lists, sketches and post-it notes? Not to mention random business cards. What about when you’re searching for that favorite pen you lost? The pen in which no other writing utensil will do. Then you eventually find it half way through the day, realizing it was under the stack of creative briefs and notes right in front of you. I must admit this scenario happens to me once in a while. I often say it’s an organized chaos…but really, it’s a security blanket. What does this say about me?

Although a messy desk may tell people that I’m disorganized and overwhelmed (geez, I hope not), I think the “organized” clutter puts me in my comfort zone. For me, it’s the foundation on a blank canvas. I notice that if my desk is spotless, I spend at least 20 minutes fussing around, laying out papers and books in order to get the creative juices flowing 🙂 The idea of a neatly organized work space gives me anxiety. I like being surrounded by multiple sources of inspiration and having everything at my fingertips, my coffee, water, power bar, ruler, tracing paper – you name it!

Interested in what your desk may be saying about you? Check out this article from Startups. The article walks through 5 different desk personalities from the “creative” desk to the “control freak”. Are people getting the right – or wrong – impression of you?

My desk - I cleaned up just for you!

My desk – I cleaned up just for you!