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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Her Brand Matters

Purse Strings Interview

by Renita Van Dusen

Last week I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Maria Reitan, of Carmichael Lynch Spong, for a radio show she hosts called Purse Strings. We discussed the influence of design on women and the top three tips I have for companies seeking to market to women. Enjoy!

Show me a woman!

by Renita Van Dusen

In prepping for the Peter McClellan Radio Show that I’ll be on tomorrow (Wednesday, June 16, 4-5pm on 1570AM), I was thinking back to examples of poorly executed brands that target women. Top of mind has always been the Aflac Iron Girl brand. I heard about this great concept — a duathalon just for women — a few years back. […]

Would you design … men’s deodorant?

by Renita Van Dusen

I was at lunch yesterday with a new business friend and we were discussing our respective companies. Knowing that I am considered an “expert” in marketing to women, he posed this question to me: “What would you do if a company asked you to design new packaging for something like … men’s deodorant, for example?” I paused. Laughed. And then […]

Design with Authenticity and Passion

by Renita Van Dusen

I promised a few bits and pieces from my presentation at the 2010 M2W Conference last week on Her Brand Matters: Creating Brands That Resonate … Here is a bit more … Is your brand real? Good design for women (for all, for that matter) is AUTHENTIC. The difference between good brands and great brands is the authenticity factor. Brands […]

Design with inspiration

by Renita Van Dusen

How do you successfully create a brand that resonates, especially with your female consumer? Design with inspiration. What does that mean? It means doing your research, doing your homework, being inspired by your audience. Getting the right strategy in place to nail the creative. From a previous M2W (Marketing to Women) Conference, I heard these statistics: 50% of women surveyed […]

Creating Brands That Resonate

by Renita Van Dusen

Wow – just back from presenting at the 2010 M2W (Marketing to Women) Conference – and am trying to catch my breath! Great conference this year and so much to take back and apply … I met and networked with the many thought leaders from the marketing to women space, including Marti Barletta, THE author of Marketing to Women; Bridget […]

“A” is for App?

by Jenn Jacobson

I recently read the cover article of this month’s Fast Company’s magazine honing in on how technology can unleash childhood creativity – and transform the role of the teacher.  In a generation where smartphones and handheld computers move into classrooms worldwide, it’s true; we may be witnessing the start of an educational revolution. As with the rise of television, many […]

Illustrative Greeting Cards

by Jenn Jacobson

It’s the little things in life that matter. That’s why we’re loving these uniquely illustrative greeting cards made by graphic designer Blanca Gomez! The simple illustrations and messages make each of these cards perfect for almost any occasion. You can shop greeting  cards, prints or wall stickers (my fav!) designed and illustrated by Blanca on her Etsy site: or […]

What is it about Bacon?

by Jessica Zubrzycki

It seems that lately, the bacon trend has taken over our lives! People have turned this repulsive meat into a universal commodity. I know, this is only my opinion…but I cannot hold back any longer! What is it about this salty, fatty, greasy meat that is so fascinating? We’ve seen bacon as a comfort morning treat, but now we’ve all […]

Affina sponsoring and speaking at M2W

by Jenn Jacobson

Our very own, Renita Van Dusen, founder and CEO of Affina is speaking at this year’s 6th Annual M2W: Marketing to Women Conference! Van Dusen, passionate about building brands and helping clients communicate in a visual language that speaks to women, while also envoking an emotional response, will be covering the HOW of marketing to women. By now, we all […]