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Negative Space

by Jessica Zubrzycki

Sometimes, the things you don’t design are more powerful than the things you do…yes, we’re talking about negative space. Incase you’re not familiar with the term, when composing a piece of art, the subject is the positive space and the space around the subject is the negative or white space. The negative space works with the subject to give it shape and meaning. I recently came across the book, Negative Space, published by Mark Batty Publishers. In this book, illustrator Noma Bar creatively uses negative space to comment on social, political, religious and other “uncomfortable” subjects. Hence the book, Negative Space, commenting on negative subject matter. The illustrations are almost like those “magic eye” illusions, after your eyes adjust, you see a picture within a picture. It’s an interesting way to comment on current events. Below are a few illustrations from the book (found through Creative Review).

The illustration below comments on business in war. You’ll notice business men sitting across from one another within the tank illustration.


The image below illustrates how CEO’s invest their personal wealth.

Ceo Cigar

The image below was for an article on older men with younger women. Innocent Red Riding Hood being trapped by the wolf.


An illustration about guns and crime.


Negative Space