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Napkin Doodles

by Jessica Zubrzycki

As I kid, I vividly remember doodling on every surface imaginable – notebooks, class assignments, the sidewalk (who didn’t have sidewalk chalk ?!). I even doodled on our yellow shag carpeting that was stiff enough to hold the outlines of my finger drawings. I may have doodled out of boredom or as a distraction to something of mild interest – BUT it was a creative outlet that fueled my passion for art and design. I recently came across a couple of inspirational photos from that reminded me to keep on doodling. The images below are some FINE examples of doodles… on napkins! Again, a reminder that creativity can come from anywhere – at anytime – and on any surface. As we age, I think it’s easy to forget the fun in drawing, in doodling.


Doodling actually has quite a few benefits. In a new study, by psychologist Jackie Andrade (published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology), results showed that doodlers actually retain more information than nondoodlers. This is a good thing to know! Everyone pick up a pen and start doodling! Check out the full article at here.