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Illustration & Design

by Jessica Zubrzycki

Being a lover of both illustration and design, I truly feel that the two art forms shouldn’t be indivisible. While getting my undergrad, studying both illustration and design, many people told me to choose one or the other – saying I couldn’t possibly do both, let alone do both with the same amount of attention and detail. Why should there be any separation?

In an era of advanced technology and a boost of creative tools, accessible to everyone, illustration is still an important and highly-regarded medium. I think now, more than ever, we are seeing artists using a combination of art forms to meet highly-expressive communication needs. Listed below are some of my favorites who are doing just that.

At the top of my list is Jessica Hische. An outstanding designer, illustrator and typographer, Jessica’s work combines illustration with modern, hand-drawn typography. There really isn’t a separation between design and illustration, as almost all of Jessica’s design work incorporates her own illustration. Even her hand-drawn typography is illustrative.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische

(via Jessica Hische)

Illustrator and artist, Anja Kroencke, is another favorite of mine. Her work spans from beauty and fashion art to book design and animation. Anja’s work combines both digital and traditional techniques, especially in the fashion work, which resembles watercolor and pen-and-ink illustration. A lot of her work also has a solid, graphic quality to them. Her use of repetition reminds me of textile design. While these pieces work nicely as stand-alone illustrations, it is clear that Anja methodically thinks about the overall design – the illustration is the design.

Anja Kroencke

Anja Kroencke

(via Anja Kroencke)

Another artist who inspires me is Gérard DuBois. At first glance, Gérard’s work looks very traditional, yet he too, works with collage techniques – especially combining illustration with type. This is especially evident in his printed pages and book designs.

Gérard DuBois

(via Gérard DuBois)

These are just a few artists that have a profound effect in the illustration & design world. Gotta love it! Now, if I only had time to pick up a paint brush again 🙂