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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Green and Proud of It: Part III

by Renita Van Dusen

Our final installment of the Environmental Footprints series looks at how speaking up about your smart environmental choices can attract female consumers – and increase your brand’s worth.

Creating a smaller environmental footprint is ethically smart. Yet many companies, focused solely on profitability, view environmentalism as an expensive endeavor. If they don’t see a way to make money off it, they’re not interested. In fact, being eco-friendly isn’t just about making profits off selling products. To find the financial benefits, you might have to look beyond sales.

Making green decisions can decrease costs, increase your brand equity, and boost revenues. For example, by cutting plastic bag use, Wal-Mart not only looks good but will save a whole lot of money. That’s a decision that creates a win for the environment and the corporation.

So how do you communicate what you’re doing positively to consumers? Well, if you’re actually selling an environmentally friendly product like Stonyfield Farms yogurt, Badger lip balms, or Seventh Generation cleaning products, the best thing you can do is get independent, third-party certified: like the USDA organic seal. LEED is another great example for companies with environmentally friendly buildings.


Connection: How does making a positive impact on the environment impact ME?

Transparency: Tell me the whole story. (Admit you’re not perfect.)

Engagement: An open, honest dialogue where I can voice my opinion.