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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Design with Authenticity and Passion

by Renita Van Dusen

I promised a few bits and pieces from my presentation at the 2010 M2W Conference last week on Her Brand Matters: Creating Brands That Resonate … Here is a bit more …

Is your brand real? Good design for women (for all, for that matter) is AUTHENTIC. The difference between good brands and great brands is the authenticity factor. Brands have to be real to be believable and loved. Authenticity through design means visually translating that real-ness and transparency into a believable brand. Does your brand do that? If your brand is real, get real advice from the users of your brand and your brand champions to define a strategy. They will be honest. Listen to them before you begin your design process.

Does your brand tell a story? Women love stories. As women, we want to relate to each other — we’re not out to compete. The story is that emotional connection that you need to connect your brand with your female audience. I believe it is critical to use PASSION when designing a brand so that there is a story with a connection.

The three key principles in designing for your female consumer are INSPIRATION, AUTHENTICITY, and PASSION. They all work together to create a very special brand. Before you begin your design process, you need to decode who — specifically — that woman is. Use inspiration, authenticity and passion to uncover who she is, what she wants and why shy buys. Why? Because HER BRAND MATTERS.