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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Creating Brands That Resonate

by Renita Van Dusen

Wow – just back from presenting at the 2010 M2W (Marketing to Women) Conference – and am trying to catch my breath! Great conference this year and so much to take back and apply … I met and networked with the many thought leaders from the marketing to women space, including Marti Barletta, THE author of Marketing to Women; Bridget Brennan, author of Why She Buys, one of my favorites; and the always-entertaining and spot-on Amanda Stevens, author of SheMarketing.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you insights of what I learned at M2W and how to create brands that resonate with the female consumer. To start, here are a few insights from my presentation, “Her Brand Matters: Creating Brands That Resonate” …

We all understand the WHY of marketing to women. But HOW do we successfully create brands for the female consumer that not only look good, but more importantly, trigger purchases? For women, eliciting an emotional response through design is crucial. We call it creating “passion brands.” Quite simply, these are brands that women can believe in, relate to, experience, and love.

I have a special formula that I apply to all creative exercises when designing for the female consumer and it comes down to three words: INSPIRATION, AUTHENTICITY, and PASSION. Do you design with inspiration? Authenticity? Passion? Tune in to my next few posts as I detail out each of these ideas to explain how to create a brand that resonates. Why? Because … HER BRAND MATTERS.