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Brands We Love: Blue Plate Restaurant Company

by Emily Tritabaugh

The Blue Plate Restaurant Company. Have you heard of it? My assumption is no. If you are from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you may be familiar with the five sub-branded restaurants that make up the Blue Plue Restaurant Company – Highland Grill, Edina Grill, Longfellow Grill, Groveland Tap and Three Squares. These are locally-owned restaurants spread throughout metro area neighborhoods.

I could tell you all of the reasons that I love this brand, but for this entry, I wanted to share thoughts directly from diners who frequent these restaurants. In their own words:

Neighborhood vibe
Home cooking
Fantastic beer selection
Very affordable
Family friendly
“I’m always satisfied when I leave.”
“Tasty food for a good value.”
“A chipped country-blue-with-a-heart-on-it mug, stained with years of coffee, considered chic.”

Each of these restaurants has a look and feel that is tailored to its neighborhood and each one exudes a culture that is unique to that location. However, there is consistency across the sub-brands that is driven from the parent brand. As one person said: “the same, but different.”

What can you learn from the Blue Plate Restaurant Company? If you have sub-brands, make sure there is a sense of consistency across all of your customer touch points. Service. Product. Web site. Social media. And tell your customer about your other brands. If he/she has a positive experience with one of your sub-brands, he/she is far more likely to engage with one of your other sub-brands. Let your customer be your best brand advocate.

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