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Brands We Love: Anthropologie

by Emily Tritabaugh

Eye candy. Inspiring. Consistency. Unique. These are just a handful of thoughts that come to mind when I think of my personal experience with Anthropologie. The shining star of these, for me, is consistency. Their in-store and online channels tell the same story across their visual look and feel, and their merchandise. Their monthly catalog and weekly e-newsletter, are a reflection of their channel presence. They, like most, have ventured into the social media space and have ensured consistency across their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I know what I’m going to get every time one of my senses interacts with the brand. I will not find a coupon from them in my mail- or in-box on a weekly basis. I will not see Anthropologie plastered across the front of a t-shirt or on a bag while walking down the street. This is how they operate and this is why I love them. I love when someone asks me where I got something I’m wearing or displaying in my home and I am able to respond with “Anthropologie.”

What can you learn from Anthropologie? Establish your brand. Ensure consistency across all of your customer touchpoints and marketing materials. Communication with your customers doesn’t have to be done through direct advertising; it can be done through your employee-customer interaction, your website or your window displays (if you have them).  Lack of advertising can actually pay off – Anthro’s customers stay longer than most chain stores at an average of 1.25 hours (Sophisticated Sell | Fast Company).