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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Blogs, Brands and Birthdays

by Renita Van Dusen

Goal for 2009: start blogging. Check.

I’m a bit behind the eight-ball on this one. Isn’t blogging a thing of the past? Well, I guess I do a lot of things backwards and not necessarily in the right order. I had curly hair before perms were cool. I started my business before I started a family. I started tweeting before I started blogging. I had my daughter at 35 weeks instead of 40. I started dating on — for way too long, I might add — before anyone else did. It paid off, however — I did catch my husband in the mix. 🙂

Her Brand Matters? Yes! What’s this blog going to be about? Brands. Good brands. Our brand. Tips on launching brands. Social media. Marketing to women. Women entrepreneurs. Moms. Mom entrepreneurs. Design. Good design. Design inspiration. Advice from savvy business women. It will be personal, authentic and inspired.

Design in the language of the marketplace. We know that the  “marketplace” is primarily “her marketplace,” with 80-85% of purchasing decisions made by women. Simply put, we know women and we create beautiful brands. And her brand matters!

We’re real. We’re women (and a few good men, too). We’re Affina. You’ll hear from all of us and more. I’m Renita, the founder, principal and creative director of Affina. I’m a mom. I’m sassy, classy, passionate and like to speak my mind. I turn 36 today. Happy Birthday to me! Goal completed on my birthday. Check. (Off to eat cake!)