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Inspirational Toy for Girls: LOVE THIS!

I’m glad I have two little girls. Why? Because I can buy this toy made especially for girls and no one will know that I’m actually buying it for ME. This idea is so cool. I have a girl-crush on Debbie, the inventor. I can’t wait for it to arrive on my doorstep. 

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The other day after a client meeting and before I had to pick up my 2YO from daycare, I had an hour to spare. My lease is up on my current car in 2 months, and I was anxious to try out a few new cars since I had no idea what car I want to drive next. Perfect. One […]

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MARKETING TO MOMS: Purpose-Driven Marketing, Part 2 of 2

“You can align your business objectives with doing good in the world. Moms expect more from their brands,” says Ian Wolfman, SMO, imc2. This certainly isn’t a new idea, but it definitely is becoming more popular, acceptable, and even expected with brands. In fact, there is a movement out there that promotes just that: Conscious Capitalism. The real goal is […]

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MARKETING TO MOMS: Moms Talk, Part I of 2

“Busyness is the new social status for moms,” says Amanda Stevens, speaker at the 2010 M2Moms Conference in Chicago. In fact, 71% of moms are in the labor force full time (and this doesn’t include work-at-home moms). A simple look around confirms what we moms already know: Whether we’re rushing off to a board meeting or picking up the kids […]

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Green and Proud of It: Part III

Our final installment of the Environmental Footprints series looks at how speaking up about your smart environmental choices can attract female consumers – and increase your brand’s worth. Creating a smaller environmental footprint is ethically smart. Yet many companies, focused solely on profitability, view environmentalism as an expensive endeavor. If they don’t see a way to make money off it, […]

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True eco-benefits vs. greenwashing, Part II

Kermit the Frog famously sang, “It’s not easy being green.” Well, to environmentally conscious consumers’ dismay, these days it seems being green – or claiming your company or product is green – is perhaps too easy. As some companies have tried to mislead consumers with claims, trying to figure out what’s truly eco-friendly can be increasingly frustrating.  Several websites search […]

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Women + Green = Opportunity, Part 1

Green has been a buzzword for years, yet most companies think of being eco-friendly only in terms of products. They wonder what can they sell that’s organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly, etc. But what about companies that already have well-established products and don’t want to reinvent what’s already selling well? And what about companies that sell services instead of products? […]

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Incredible Women Making A Difference: A Lesson From Breast Cancer Survivors

Sometimes I get jealous at breast cancer survivors. I know this is an awful thing to say. Of course, no one wants cancer. But the part that I envy is this: Most of the women I know who have breast cancer ARE survivors. They are living with cancer. They are fighters. My mom was a pancreatic cancer patient, and she […]

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Michele Tafoya: Smart, inspirational, real.

I attended a Women of Influence luncheon today, with Michele Tafoya as the guest speaker. From afar, Michele has always been one of my heroes. I have been a sports fan and an NFL fan (more specifically, Vikings fan) my whole life. I am continually in awe watching Monday Night Football games with Michele interviewing the big boys. From a […]

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Purse Strings Interview

Last week I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Maria Reitan, of Carmichael Lynch Spong, for a radio show she hosts called Purse Strings. We discussed the influence of design on women and the top three tips I have for companies seeking to market to women. Enjoy!

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