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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise


Affina sponsoring and speaking at M2W

by Jenn Jacobson

Our very own, Renita Van Dusen, founder and CEO of Affina is speaking at this year’s 6th Annual M2W: Marketing to Women Conference!

Van Dusen, passionate about building brands and helping clients communicate in a visual language that speaks to women, while also envoking an emotional response, will be covering the HOW of marketing to women.

By now, we all understand the WHY of marketing to women. But HOW do we successfully create brands for the female consumer that not only look good, but more important, trigger purchases? Van Dusen, an expert in designing and marketing to women, will walk through creative excercises and compelling case studies that showcase how to create brands that resonate.

Learn the importance of eliciting an emotional response through design. Understand how to create passionate brands with the female consumer in mind. Discover that marketing to women isn’t a mystery, but rather a journey. Through fascinating stories of actual brand creation, walk through and uncover three simple stepsĀ  to reach the most important audience your brand needs to reach: women.

The Conference will take place April 21 & 22, 2010 in Chicago. Renita is scheduled to speak both days.

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