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Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise

Understanding Women, Building Brands

Designing for women isn’t a niche at all: In fact, 85% of today’s purchasing power is in the hands of women. So why do so many organizations ignore this majority of consumers? Often times they don’t realize the power women have in the marketplace. Other times they just aren’t sure how to communicate with women in a way that doesn’t alienate men. (Although we know brands with “pink” solutions aren’t just alienating men. They’re also alienating women.)

We understand what women want. And surprise, surprise, not all women want the same thing! That’s why we ask the right questions at the right time before we engage in our creative execution. It’s all about smart strategy. We build engaging brands by understanding YOUR audience – women or men.

Here’s the dirty little secret: When you design brands keeping your female consumers in mind, you will not only meet but often exceed expectations of men. Women just have a longer list of expectations and tend to connect more emotionally to brands.