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“A” is for App?

by Jenn Jacobson

I recently read the cover article of this month’s Fast Company’s magazine honing in on how technology can unleash childhood creativity – and transform the role of the teacher.  In a generation where smartphones and handheld computers move into classrooms worldwide, it’s true; we may be witnessing the start of an educational revolution.

As with the rise of television, many people wonder about the new technology’s effect on children, but new studies show that smartphones can actually make kids smarter. Many argue that today’s handheld and network devices are tools for expression and connection, not just passive absorption, much as television is.

Major foundations are specifically zeroing in on handhelds for preschools, noting that “Young kids and multisensory-touch computing are a huge area of innovation.” Many schools have seen the transformative potential that technology can bring to the table, starting at the mere level of first grade, focusing on a hand-held computer known as The TeacherMate.  The TeacherMate runs full-color Flash games on a platform partly open to developers worldwide and can record and play back audio. It is also compatible with the teacher’s laptop or main computer, which allows them to track each student’s progress. The programs are synced with the reading, math and spelling curricula used in the school and most importantly show promise of growth within each student in little as a year.

It sounds like a promising future in the rise of technology and education for future generations everywhere.

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